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March 2023

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What a great week we had at Summer School in January!

Excellent syllabus classes were given by our examiners which were always interesting and never failed to provide useful insights and suggestions for teachers. A big thankyou to all who took classes so willingly and ably.

The physio workshops given by Sally Harrison on core strength and turnout, and on pointe preparation from an anatomy perspective were great fun and so very informative. All teachers agreed that we would welcome Sally back to Summer School again.

The support and friendship between teachers that is now seen at Summer School is evidence of the great efforts that have been made to engage our teachers and ensure that they are not fearful of asking questions of the examiners taking the classes, or of the technical advisors. We have moved a long way from the days when teachers would not ask questions or even address the senior examiners for fear of being judged or looked down upon, and your willingness now to learn as much as possible at Summer School shows your dedication and striving to achieve the best results possible for your students.

Bring on 2024!


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2023 Diamond Star Results



What a wonderful occasion this event was. The new venue gave a more professional and exciting atmosphere for all participants, and the day ran very smoothly.

 All dancers were very fortunate to have the opportunity to have a class with Lucinda Dunn AOM, former Australian Ballet lead dancer and now a renowned dance educator. She gave feedback and technical corrections to the dancers which made their experience even more valuable, and we hope they continue to follow her advice in their studio classes this year. All participants gave their best during all stages of the scholarship process and our winners, as judged solely by Lucinda Dunn, were:

1st                   Brieanna Parker (Casino Dance Academy)

Runner-up    Emily Andrews-Cooke (Sydney North Dance)

Finalists         Jamila Bui & Caitlin Gibson (Select Dance Company)

                        Stephanie Ovens & Bailey Swigon (AMMA School of Dance)

Semi-finalists           Chloe Cooke (Alanas Dance Studio)

                                 Trinity Leach, Gabrielle Searle, Cayley Young (AMMA)

                                 Heidi Schuler (Waitakare City School of Dance)

                                Paris Bertram (Select Dance Company)

Grateful thanks to Lucinda Dunn, who was presented with a lovely bouquet of flowers, and to all our very generous sponsors – Capezio, Centre Stage Dancewear, Evolution Dance Competition, Slick Dancewear, Diana van Elk, BAL, and Christopher Wood

Scholarship Winner Brieanna Parker & Lucinda Dunn

Scholarship Participants.