Syllabi & Exams

BAL offers examination syllabi in the following styles:







Exams can be held at your studio, or at your nominated venue, or at BAL headquarters.
Exams are taken in small groups, but many exercises and most dances are demonstrated individually.

Pass gradings are:
•Pass 65-69%
•Pass Plus 70-74%
•Commended 75-79%
•Highly Commended 80-84%
•Honours 85-89%
•Honours with Distinction 90-100%

Senior Ballet exams have a slightly different grading system –

Pass gradings are:
•Fairly Good
•Very Good
•Highly Commended

All candidates receive a written report, as well as a personalised Certificate of Attainment.

Candidates attaining a mark of 97% or higher receive an additional Achievement Certificate.

All successful candidates in Advanced Tap, Jazz, Hip Hop, Character exams, and Elementary, Intermediate, Advanced Ballet exams, receive a Senior Student Achievement Medal.

BAL awards Perpetual Trophies each year to the studios gaining the highest number of Honour points in exams in each dance styles. Honour points are awarded for every Honours or Distinction pass achieved by each studio.

For a full list of current examination entry fees for all styles, please go to Members/Exam Entry Forms page


BAL is only too happy to provide you with any information, or to assist you in any way in teaching BAL syllabus.

We, the teachers of Ballet Australasia, are very enthusiastic about our examination syllabi, and we know you will love it too.

All enquiries will be treated confidentially as we are aware it is a major decision for teachers to choose or change the examination syllabus in their studio, and this needs to be taken with great thought and a clear belief that your choice is the right one for you and your students.

We believe that Ballet Australasia is the right choice, and we congratulate you for your foresight and interest in our organization!